Zeit Slice Montreal

We were commissioned to create a unique and personal view of the city of Berlin through a series of interactive projections in the windows of the Goethe Institute Montreal. The result is a series of different 360° videos showing insights into Berlin’s urban culture.

We integrated the data streams from a touch-sensitive sensor surface into our self-developed 360° video software and were able to interactively control the projections. The sensor surface allows users to look around at the respective places in Berlin by the help of gestures. The projections are showing a 24-hour snapshot of these locations. The 360° image was divided into 24 segments and each segment represents one hour of the day within the respective environment.

For the premiere at the Goethe Institute, The Constitute design studio also developed an immersive set-up that provides an olfactory experience in addition to the 360° panorama.

The video installation premiered at the Goethe Institut Montreal on March 3, 2018, as part of the Nuit Blanche Festival. On the Boulevard St. Lauraint/Rue Ontario, passersby can navigate through the 360° videos by touching the marked areas on the shop windows. The installation will be in place until August 26, 2018, so if you’re close, stop by and give it a try. Alternatively, you can use the project website and a smartphone. To do this, simply start a video in full screen mode and navigate the 360° image by moving the device.

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