we are.

An interdisciplinary engineering & design collective and specialists in creative technologies. Besides that we drafting proof of concepts, iterating the results and designing prototypes, too. 

We’ve put our focus on conception, development and configuration of mechatronical systems for unique applications.

Currently we combining algorithm-based design methods with contemporary tech-trends like artificial intelligence and computer aided manufacturing processes.

We are your human-based tech-interface. And sometimes we build art installations…


creative technologist
I have had worked for different partners in cultural and creative branches to realize their tech-based installations. I hold degrees in Information Technology & Design and Mechatronics to call myself an engineer.

My field of practices are the intersections of design & technology. I want to make commonalities visible and to tear barriers between abstract and specialized views & perspectives.

...Sounds like Prototypes could be a topic...


I'm working as an administrator in the cultural sector. Additionally I play piano, setup events and like to realize the choreographical and technical Design of fireworks.

Being part of the it's automatic collective allows me to combine my profession with my passion which keep me in balance.

...Furthermore I manage all Backoffice affairs.

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