Workshop SFZ Freiberg

We were at the Schülerforschungszentrum Freiberg/Saxony to hold a weekend workshop in creative technologies. As a thematic introduction, we gave a short introduction to “creative technologies” and showed the young people what we have already implemented with them.

The first day was about understanding the use of technology as a tool for creative work. Another focus was on initializing development and design processes. On the second day we explained the basics within the respective applications. In addition, we conveyed a possible workflow for the design and realization of three-dimensional objects. We explained the 3D printers we brought along and showed how to generate machine code for these devices. A cutting plotter was also used, with which the young people could design and produce self-designed stickers. We also made a small excursion into 360 video filming. This was about the process from the story to the recording to the editing and finally to the upload to different video portals. The workshop formats included numerous production methods from different technology and design areas. The participants were able to approach their interests in a playful way and thus gained a basic understanding for the development process of their own future projects.

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