Sound Absorbing Foam

Based on the experiences from our previous experiment “parametric surfaces” we try to translate our results into a case study and stumbled upon acoustic foams.

A proven means of sound absorption is the use of melamine resin foams, which have ideal material properties for this purpose. Is it possible to combine a certain degree of aesthetics with functionality? This question, as well as the effect on absorption capacity, is being investigated in this project.

The current examples show parametric designs milled into sound-absorbing foam. Among other things, this involved finding the ideal manufacturing process for later models. To determine possible sound absorption changes, we decided on three patterns with different ratios of foam area to total surface area. Interference patterns, curves and contours as well as cell structures were carved out. Now we need comparable facts! We are currently working on a measurement method to determine differences in absorption. Then we can take these results into account in our design. Let’s see where all this leads to…

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