Point of You

The Point of You project is a sort of offspring to EYEsect, which was released in 2012. The EYEsect technology became obsolate and new computer-aided design methods were creeping into our workflows. Together with THE CONSTITUTE and Tom Witschel [paranode design], we decided to lift the extraordinary experience of the past to another level of social interaction.

The project enables people to share their own views with others or to exchange them among themselves. The shared experience of interdependence sensibilizes the group within and generates empathy for the other person.

By using parametric design methods, we obtained shape diversity on the base model and were able to derive all the designs we wanted for the helmets and produce them on the 3D printer. The eye module includes a camera with an integrated radio transmitter that sends video data to a headset in the mask. Both devices pair automatically and run on rechargeable batteries, enabling new forms of interaction and more user-friendliness compared to EYEsect. Ergonomics were designed for balanced weight as well as maximum wearing comfort. The technical design is essential for the multi-person experience, which is the core of Point of You.

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photo credits | tom witschel [paranode design]
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