parametric Approach

Alogrithm Aided Design. The project can definitely be classified there. However, the focus lies on parametric design up to manufacturing within our capabilities.

All objects were created in Rhino/Grasshopper and can be freely designed by variable parameters within their mathematical limits. We found the topic of physical snapshots quite exciting and created several patterns. Two attractors form the starting point of the superpositions can be changed by parameters. From these variable points, two oscillating sine waves now overlap in x/y direction. This interference effect of these waves generates the respective surface models and is captured as a snapshot.

Furthermore, we wanted to make the results of this simulation tangible in reality and free the patterns from virtuality. Since now we have the capability of a subtractive manufacturing process from previous projects, the next steps were obvious. We generated the numerical code for the machine in a CAM module and produced the first patterns on our CNC router…

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