Overmapping – ANTI Festival 2016

Finland. So beautiful. Invited to the ANTI Festival in Kuopio we were part of the Future Diversity family and filled the workshop format “urban diversity through participation” with content. We developed a concept that should last also after the festival and provide the people of Kuopio with an opportunity to communicate through participation.

We experimented with additive and subtractive light and were able to cancel to erase color by cancelling of each other. Afterwards we assigned a theme to some colors and created a blank map of the region of Kuopio. Now it was time for the participants to fill in content of the map. Over time, the map became more and more colorful and confusing. Now the concept of “spectral erasure” came into play. With the help of changing light colors, individual topics became visible. The colorful map suddenly got on a structure and contents were clearly recognizable.

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