Modern Body Festival 2018

We’ve been at Modern Body Festival 2018 which takes place in The Hague from Oct 26 to Oct 28. In contribution of THE CONSTITUTE Design Lab we brought “eyesect” which fits perfectly to the topic “ALIEN:BODIES”.

The festival presents many exclusive Dutch and international premieres and new commissions, featuring multidisciplinary works from renowned and emerging artists, such as Moritz Simon Geist, Meinhardt-Krauss-Feigl, Julian Hetzel, The Constitute, Tivon Rice, Weihaw Wang, Rita Góbi & Ryuji Yamaguchi and many others. Modern Body Festival is an international intermedia biennial at the convergence of cutting-edge art, technology, and performance founded and curated by artists. Through our thematic editions, we examine the nature of our current existence through the perspective of the ‘modern body’. In the biennial, ALIEN BODIES, we explore the alien, the unknown, the ‘other’ and use a process of controlled alienation to observe our own selves and our societal bubbles from a distance, with the eyes of the alien.

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