Interactive Projection Workshop

In Klub Solitär Chemnitz we gave a workshop on interactive projection mapping in the fall of 2021. The two-day format included the basics of creating and setting up a facade projection and considered planning, preparation as well as the technology and software setup. In the second part of the workshop format, participants were given creative freedom to try out and create different types of projection content. Here we helped to connect self-created effects to acoustic elements as well as the integration of data from a motion sensor to control the projection mapping.

“The Effects are you” – with the help of a digital camera movements were recorded to control different effects afterwards. With the help of real-time manipulation, the projection could be influenced directly. We showcased the participants’ results on the building of the Klub Solitär. The artistic focus was then on effects control in near real time, which allowed passers-by to stay and interact.

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