Fabmobil [Proof of Concept]

After a long time of concepting, we decided to create a mobile offering for rural and decentralized areas in Germany. Why? Because we think it is necessary….

So that we could test our concept, we rented a double-decker bus and presented it at the TINCON festival for digital youth culture in Berlin in 2016. We draped 3D scanners, 3D printers, computers, real books, 360° cameras, VR headsets and ourselves in the vehicle. Children and teenager were invited to print their self-designed glasses or make 360° films as part of our workshops on offer. Fun has been clearly in the foreground here.

With a lot of love and effort, we are constantly promoting the project at different events and are constantly on the road to put the whole thing through its paces and improve it. Our next steps are the construction of our own bus, a full financed project and always 10 bar pressure within the tires! The progress of the project will of course be made visible here.

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