EYESECT is a portable interactive installation that allows users to view immersively themselves and their environments from new perspectives. The world as we see it today is oriented towards the binocular and stereoscopic view of humans. This ubiquitous human-centric perspective and the critical engagement with contemporary VR technology that simulates real space. That’s been the starting point for the development of EYESECT.

The question “How do we not see?” and the fascination for cybernetic-spiritual utopias, science fiction and bionic experiments led us to the development of a device with two camera eyes. Their respective image data is streamed directly and in real time to the individual monitors of the VR goggles inside the helmet. The camera eyes can be freely docked to the helmet or carried in the hands. Arms and fingers become eye muscles, creating unfamiliar perspectives. The External World is re-constructed and challenges users to critically engage with viewing habits and spaces.

In collaboration with the design studio THE CONSTITUTE we were commissioned with the technical maintenance of the project. We found this so exciting that we documented people’s reactions in two videos.

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