Digital Porcelain Manufactory

Together with the design studio THE CONSTITUTE and Alexander Jentsch, we have been  at KPM in Berlin to investigate the opportunities, possibilities and challenges of ceramic 3D printing in the current industrial context. For this purpose, we used our self-developed ceramic 3D printer to compare the current technology with the existing manufacturing methods.

The Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur (KPM) was founded in 1763 and supplied the royal court with tableware or sculpture ware, among other things. In the 20th century the manufactory grew to 200 employees and produced porcelain wares for the international and national market. KPM’s shape archive gave us insights into historical and contemporary design methods. What unites the collections is the combination of craftsmanship as well as the experience of several centuries of production history and this is what prices the very good, continuous quality.

The history therefore illustrates the field of tension in which we move with current technological trends. Compared to traditional craftsmanship, we still have to prove our capabilities. The following clip shows a short summary from this cooperation. We thank you for this special experience and look forward to what may come.

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