Carla Chan [Exhibits]

Carla Chan commissioned us to realize her kinetic art installations. The artworks symbolically visualize the human impact on our environment – action/reaction. Each intervention leaves its mark, just as the dark iron powder leaves its mark on the paper. Over time, the powder smudges the print more and more, just as a pristine landscape becomes more and more polluted with human intervention.

The repetitive, mechanical motion contrasts the cyclical nature of life to human impact in nature. However, this influence becomes visible only with a delay, just as the iron powder reveals its effect on the paper only with time.

All exhibits are based on a special magnetic mechanism, which has been manufactured by us. The mechanism behind the canvas, moves the iron powder on the paper and thus permanently changes the artwork.

Carla Chan’s exhibits premiered at the exhibitions “when the world is left only black and grey” and “an exploration of miniature” at Sexauer Gallery Berlin.

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