Behind the Seen

BEHIND THE SEEN is a “hidden messaging” projector that displays messages in the invisible spectrum to the human eye. However, with the help of a digital camera, content can be turn visibly. But why do we see messages with the help of a smartphone camera and what do we want to pay attention to?

The human light spectrum is very limited and only ranges between ultraviolet and infrared light. Unfortunately, we are not yet capable of perceiving wavelengths outside our spectral range. With the help of a technical side effect of camera image sensors, we can cleverly “extend” this range.

Filters are used to reduce artifacts caused by infrared light during photography. These filters have a transition area in which certain wavelengths of infrared light are passing through. Using wavelengths outside the human spectrum and within the transition range is the space in which we’re working. The project plays with this effect and specifically uses these border areas.

With the help of spectral substitution we create an additional visual level and invisible content can suddenly be made visible. Now a comparison of the real image and the camera image can be made immediately. The result is a disparity in content, which can cognitively sensitize recipients and pay their attention to possible interpassive behaviors.

The prototype is our “proof of concept” and open for cooperation and further development.

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