14th asia arts festival

Together with the design studio “THE CONSTITUTE” we were in Quanzhou/China to install the GFrame at the 14th Asia Arts Festival.

The G-FRAME is a digital tool for detection of hand gestures and controls a projection interactively. The installation serves a playfully understanding within human-machine interaction and manages to replace technical complexity with intuition. By reaching into the frame the function can be experienced directly. The result is a diffuse boundary between man and machine, which is only perceived subconsciously or disappears completely. In real time, gestures are converted into fluids or smoke in a physical simulation, refracting at real boundaries on the façade and creating a harmonious latency between action and reaction.

For the commission of the Asian Arts Festival in Quanzhou, we also integrated a sketching mode into the application. This function simulated a kind of “calligraphy brush” to simplify the mapping of Chinese writing styles.

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