Carla Chan [Exhibits]

The exhibits symbolizing the impact of humans on the environment. Every intervention leaves its traces behind, just like the dark iron powder leaves its traces on the print. Over time, the powder will smudge the print more and more, as the particles are dragged across the paper over and again, like pollution smudging a pristine landscape over time. The looped, mechanic movement contrasts and unites ideas of the cyclical character of life and the mechanic intervention of humans within it. This impact, however, is only revealed through time, just like the magnet reveals the impact of the iron powder on the print over time.

All Exhibits are consisting a custom-built magnetic mechanism behind it. The magnet attached to the mechanism beyond the canvas moves the iron powder onto the paper. We were responsible for the technical realization of those time-based kinetic artworks for the Exhibitions “when the world is left only black and grey” and “an exploration of miniature” by carla chan at Sexauer Gallery Berlin.