parametric artworks

The series “superpositions” shows a snapshot of physical events of wave-like superpositions plastically realized. These occurrences are everywhere. From the quantum mechanics of the very smallest in the collision of protons to the astrophysics of the very largest in the merger of black holes. But even in our technologized world, we are incessantly surrounded by these events.

But what unites these moments that take place constantly and around us? The correspondence principle, what Niels Bohr formulated more than 100 years ago, served as a heuristic principle to describe the transition of classical physics into quantum mechanics. This made it possible to theoretically determine the relationship between the very smallest and the very largest for the first time and illustrates the range in which we move.

At first glance, the artworks seem rather random or arbitrary. At second glance, a structure can be discerned that is determined by symmetries and interferences. The moments are designed by two wave generators each, which can be freely parameterized in position, frequency and amplitude, but always follow the same physical conditions. These simulations are mathematically defined and suddenly we become subliminally aware that the harmonies we perceive as aesthetic are not arbitrary.

The series “superpositions” visualizes the physics of the world in which we move, which we explore, which we shape, and reflects our knowledge or rather our not-knowing. Waves determine our lives, our nature and our technologies.

The question of where we come from and where we are going cannot be answered by our works, but it shows once again that we are only a very small part of the whole.

it's automatic | 2022