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a technology design studio based in Dresden/Germany, combining algorithm-based design methods with current technology trends and manufacturing processes. We are the interface between the digital and analog worlds in which we move every day. For this purpose we use our experience, skills and knowledge from industrial design and engineering to develop and realize new technologies in an interdisciplinary way. We are your partner from the conception to the complete realization of your project.

As a service provider, we advise and accompany you across industries in the planning, development and introduction of digital, mechatronic or robot-based systems for your specific application. We support you in designing new methods to make production processes more efficient and resource-saving. We develop comprehensible prototypes that can be communicated to the public and produce applications in close cooperation with our customers, including the areas of digital creative techologies, the internet of things or human-machine interaction.

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and sharing our knowledge in individual workshops on creative technologies, rapid prototyping or design thinking. We prepare content in a comprehensible way and conduct learning and experimentation courses at universities, in creative sectors and in industry.

We create a fundamental awareness of technologies, overcome the associated barriers to understanding and create points of contact and connection within design processes. We enable participants to deal more deeply with technological interfaces. We transform complex technical contexts into comprehensible learning content and help with the thematic entry into specific areas of knowledge.


creative technologist
As a freelancer, I have worked for partners in the cultural and creative industries, designing and building national and international technology and media art installations. I hold a degree in Information Technology & Design and a second in Mechatronics and may call myself an engineer. My subject area is at the intersection of design and technology. Now, I support small and medium-sized companies in the digital transformation process.
Photo Credit by © Emmi Blümel


professional accountant
After graduating as a businesswoman, I managed a family business and afterwards I decided to work as an administrator in the cultural sector. In my spare time I play the piano and like to choreograph fireworks. Accidentally Jens crossed my path and told me about the idea to start a company in the field of technology & design. I didn't have to think that long. Now I can now combine my profession with my passion. since then we manage all business processes together.
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