Zeitslice Montreal

We were commissioned to create a unique and personal view on Berlin city through a series of interactive projection pieces in the windows of the Goethe Institut in Montreal. As a result, Zeit-Slice is a series of 360° videos showing personal views on 24h Berlin urban culture.

We developed the Interface and the Background-Software which connects the transparent sensor surface to 360° video projection. It allows the users to pan through the selected spots in Berlin. Those spots were captured in 24h. The final video shows a summary of that Capturing sliced in 24 pieces and compressed in 7.5 minutes. It means every slice is representing one hour of the day within a constant scenery.

For the premiere event, The Constitute also developed an immersive set up, that allows additionally to the 360° view of the single Berlin space-time constallations also an olfactoric experience and is called zeitslice SR (SR = scentual reality).

The touch sensitive window installation has been premiered at 3rd of march 2018 at the Goethe Institut. On Boulevard St. Lauraint and Rue Ontario in Downtown Montreal passers by can pan through the 360° videos by touching the glass plate on the large street windows. The installation is running till 26th of August 2018. If you’re close stop by and give it a try. If you’re far from Montreal you should visit the project website zeitslice.net.