Workshop SFZ Freiberg

We’ve been at Schülerforschungszentrum Freiberg to host a weekend workshop in creative technologies. As a starter we gave a little Introduction into the topic “creative technologies”. Especially the use of technology as a helper in creative work and how to initialize a development and design process. Furthermore we answered questions to the project “FABMOBIL” and its mission. At day two we demonstrated the basics of necessary applications. Additionally, we imparted a possible workflow to generate and realize an three-dimensional object. We explained the 3D printing systems Craftbot and BCN3D and how to generate a machine code. At day two we introduced the slide plotter which helped the kids to create their own self-designed stickers. Simultaneously we gave a little excursus in 360 video filming. How to produce 360 ​​videos from the story to recording to editing and finally how upload it in various video portals.

The workshop formats contained professional production methods from various industrial and design areas. The participants were practically able to approach their interests and thus have a basic understanding of the development process of future projects that they want to realize.