Sensegrity is a transformable light sculpture. The Transformation is based on the functionality of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) which remembers its given shape. In this case we used the material properties to visualize spatial motion through SMA Springs.

The sculpture “Sensegrity” is made of four acrylic rods, which are aligned to a central element – the nucleus. The outer ends of the acrylic rods are linked with elastic bands which are creating a three-dimensional body. The geometric transformation of the sculpture is achieved by the thermal activation of the shape memory alloy. The light sculpture consists of four segments, each composed of two SMA springs, an acrylic rod and hold by the nucleus. By the use of a control loop, the SMA elements are heated up electrically until the SMA contraction is activated. This contraction is responsible for the linear motion of the acrylic rods which are responsible for the geometric transformation.

The Project is a result of the cooperation with the Smart3 Innovation Network and the IWU Fraunhofer Institute Dresden. The designed prototype is used for the transfer under consideration of the material properties in a possible application scenario.