Kulturhauptstadt 2025

In order of the City of Dresden and their institutions of research, culture and historical archiving I was commissioned to built one of 25 exhibits for the application of Kulturhauptstadt 2025 (culture capital city 2025). The Topic of my little installation has been the representation of the prospective possibilities in digitalization and artificial intelligence.
The platform E-Culture, Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence deals with the possibilities as well as the dangers of digitization in culture, science, politics and administration. Dresden’s cultural policy is to support the goal of developing a common digital infrastructure of the cultural institutions and to improve the network of cultural and scientific institutions, to simplify the generation and transfer of knowledge. However, questions about data protection and digital sovereignty should not be left out. The platform therefore wants to start with content and technological expertise, but also with critical discussions.

The exhibition is visitable from 11th October 2019 to 12th of December and it’s placed in Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden.