Fabmobil – a digital art lab

The „Fab-Mobil“ is a moving, art and digital laboratory equipped with digital and prototyping technology. It offers workshops, courses and an open media workshop regularly and regionally mobile for young people. The bus, which is equipped with creative technology (3D printer, computer, robotics, virtual reality headsets, etc.), is accompanied by a trained workshopper, and stops at schools, cultural centers and informal meeting places in East Germany.

In the rural, decentralized regions of eastern Germany there is a striking lack of cultural and artistic offers for young people. There are very few committed and activating projects that address young people. Current emancipatory issues of young people such as Creative Technologies, Digital Culture and Design / Media can not be adequately conveyed, as there is no lively and open scene on site. The increasing migration of young people from rural regions is one of the reasons and consequences of this youth and socio-cultural under-supply.

There is an extreme leeway in the field of cultural-political education and cultural education with new media. As
a society, it is our personal concern to make a socio-political and sustainable contribution to the improvement of
the cultural, artistic and social competence of young people. With the Fab-Mobil we are fully equipped and come directly to the young people, which is a great advantage in decentralized area regions.

Through the mobile nature of the project, a closer networking of the individual culture and educational centers distributed in the region is created. Course and workshop offers will be migrated, information material will be distributed more widely and attention for a regional cultural offer will be generated. New networks emerge.

There is currently no comparable project known in Germany. We would like to be the first to offer mobile technology and culture formats for young people prototypically in rural areas and to investigate exemplary transfer possibilities at federal level.

Do you like to know a bit more about the project? Fabmobil.org &  Kulturstiftung des Bundes