A couple of months ago I came up with the idea to build a large format 3 axis CNC Router for my upcoming projects. And here is the result! The CNC Router is based of the idea in ​​producing computer-controlled and large-formatted for a manageable budget without sacrificing accuracy, stability and comfort. At the same time the device must guarantee full access at every technical level without being dependent on expensive licenses and components.

The choice fell on standard industrial profiles, which form the frame and the clamping plate of the machine. Standardized linear guides and spindle drives were also installed in order to avoid expensive and time-consuming custom design.
The electrical control of the machine takes on a controller board, which also includes and operates the drivers of the powerful motors. The spindle is controlled by a VFD to regulate the speed.

The system runs on LinuxCNC, which simultaneously processes the NC code. The open source operating system is ideal for the operation of computer-aided machines and offers the possibility to implement your own modifications and extensions.