we do everything…

… which is related to media art and technology art realization. Our professional hands-on mentality is based in mechatronics, information technology and design to build an idea from scratch. It’s called creative technology engineering. We are using the knowledge of academic education, industrial engineering, the passion of design and the love for art to push your project to another level. We are aimed to improve the interfaces between the digital and analog matrixes which are surrounding us. We are your laboratory, your technical institution, your helping hand to transform your project into reality.
We taking care. Besides our engineering skills we are hosting individual workshops which are reflecting the state of the art in creative technologies. We transform complex technical relationships into user-friendly topics. We put our focus on project realization. How to develop concepts from an idea, how to translate a concept into a project and how to build prototypes.


who am I…

Usually this paragraph starts by listing of all degrees and I will do so. Lets get it on. I hold one degree in Information Technology and Design, a second one in the field of Mechatronics and I finished an apprenticeship in the same discipline. People are calling me an engineer like my certificates too. At the end it seems like I’m skilled enough to handle a lot of interfaces which are related to creative technologies. I started the business in art and design as a self-employed engineer out of my studies and I’m completely in since 2012. Due to my skills and my personal interests I’m experienced enough to consider your requirements during the entire design process of a project. Sure, no tech art project resembles another but someone has to verify it and execute the realization. And that is where my own knowledge and creativity comes in. I’m familiar with heaps of different manufacturing processes in mechanical, electrical, digital and software engineering to realize an art or design installation.

Before the whole passage is getting boring and you want to quit reading I’ll illuminate you about my previous work experience in a short excursion. Since the year 2000 I’m permanently on the run to be up date in the field of technical engineering. I’ve maintained and improved huge sorting machines which are handling up to 500.000 parcels a night. Afterwards I’ve been responsible for the entire power supply and building controls at the European Air Hub in Leipzig. On a certain point in my life I decided to expand the intersection between machines and humans. Since the decision I am continuously improving this transition which guided me to art and design engineering.
If you’re now thinking “this guy could help me to negotiate those obstacles within my tech art project”. Let me know and get in touch with me via email right now.